DiscoverThe Greg McKeown Podcast275. Supercommunicators with Charles Duhigg
275. Supercommunicators with Charles Duhigg

275. Supercommunicators with Charles Duhigg

Update: 2024-02-221


Join me for an enlightening conversation with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author, Charles Duhigg, as we unravel the mysteries of supercommunicators and their impact on both personal and professional spheres. Listen in as we consider the innate abilities some individuals possess to connect, persuade, and influence through the power of effective communication, and how the decline in interpersonal communication education has affected our society.

The episode brings to light different types of interactions we engage in daily, categorized as helping, hugging, or hearing. We explore research that lays out the traits of a supercommunicator and how simple techniques like using micro questions and matching emotional tones can significantly enhance connection. We delve into the importance of vulnerability and reciprocal sharing in fostering closeness, illustrating how super communicators naturally encourage others to open up, ultimately improving the quality of interactions without making their skills the center of attention.

Tune in as we share the belief that anyone can become a supercommunicator by mastering a set of learnable skills, fostering connections that enhance understanding in all facets of life.

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275. Supercommunicators with Charles Duhigg

275. Supercommunicators with Charles Duhigg

Greg McKeown