DiscoverFeel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee#350 The New Science of Eating Well with Professor Tim Spector
#350 The New Science of Eating Well with Professor Tim Spector

#350 The New Science of Eating Well with Professor Tim Spector

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Professor Tim Spector rarely eats bananas these days. He treats a glass of fruit juice as he would a can of cola. And, despite having to watch his blood pressure, he no longer restricts the salt he adds to food. Controversial views? Perhaps, if heard out of context. But, as Tim explains in this episode of my Feel Better Live More podcast, these are just a few examples of new thinking he has adopted on certain foods, since discovering his own, personal metabolic response to them.


Tim was my first-ever guest, five and a half years ago, and I’m pleased he’s returning for his fourth conversation. And if you've heard the previous three conversations, there is plenty of new information in this conversation. And if this is your first time listening to me talking with Tim, I think you are in for a treat.

Tim is an award-winning scientist, professor of genetics and author of four fantastic books, each of which challenge commonly accepted views about food, weight and health. He’s Head of the Department of Twin Research at King’s College London, and, as Director of the British Gut Project, a world-leader when it comes to gut microbiome studies. Tim’s latest book Food For Life: The New Science Of Eating Well is his most thorough yet

In this conversation, we talk about a health technology called CGM (which stands for continuous glucose monitors) and touch on what Tim has learned from using them. We talk through the biology of blood sugar spikes and why it's not the odd spike here and there that's problematic but regular ones that can lead to health issues, such as chronic inflammation and insulin resistance.

We also discuss Tim's views on calorie counting, the role that exercise plays in health and weight loss and Tim’s view on the concept that food is medicine. We both reflect on what a transformative difference it would make if more patients were offered nutrition advice as a first line of treatment.

I think one of the things I respect the most about Tim is his willingness to change his mind and his views in public. I think it helps all of us be more open minded and less stuck in our ways. I always enjoy sitting down with Tim, this is an enlightening thought provoking, and I hope inspiring conversation. I hope you enjoy listening. 

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#350 The New Science of Eating Well with Professor Tim Spector

#350 The New Science of Eating Well with Professor Tim Spector