371 - Grammy Family

371 - Grammy Family

Update: 2023-02-09


In this episode, the guys discuss what’s needed to build & create your table successfully.

“God gives you the blessing, but it’s up to you to activate it.”

15:02 - “Don’t force anything that’s not natural or organic.” Walk confidently, knowing that events will happen when they’re supposed to. 

28:30 - “Continue to have confidence for what’s to come.” Confidence is vital to elevate your success. It’s a factor that can be sensed while gaining the trust of others. 

35:02 - Jemal explains the difference between buying and building your table. 

40:58 - Are you aware that your pain is a part of the process?

48:10 - “Blessings and battles are both blessings.” Your setbacks can ignite your will to be successful, sometimes more than your success can. See “losses” as “lessons” and, learn to apply what they teach as you move forward.

What’s Needed To Build Your Table

  1. Confidence

  2. Clarity - capture & repurpose 

  3. Creating a blueprint. 


1) What’s your mission?

2) Do you have the desire to build a table? 


  • Remain in the moment you’re in. Take advantage of what’s happening in the present. 

  • Become more aware of when it’s time to make a decision.

  • Plan to look for & take advantage of opportunities in your arena. 

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371 - Grammy Family

371 - Grammy Family

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