DiscoverHAIYAA with Nigel Ng38: Adventures In Canada
38: Adventures In Canada

38: Adventures In Canada

Update: 2022-10-26


Nigel has embarked on the final leg of the Haiyaa World Tour and is finally able to visit wonderful Canada! He has also brought out Producer Matt for a podcast recording in Toronto where they went for an eventful night out in Chinatown and Matt convinced an ex convict to subscribe to Haiyaa.

0:00 - Producer Matt is five hours delayed and was worried when the Pilot told everyone to “Trust me, it’s safe” which is also what Nigel used to tell women he was dating.

8:30 - Nigel gave Producer Matt a shout out at his show to which Producer Matt was typically British about. Nigel has a new way to get around having to fiddle with condom packets.

17:48 - Nigel filmed with the CantoMando YouTubers based in Toronto and moans about the poor job Brits did of bringing back beautiful women when they colonised the world.

25:45 - Nigel and Matt went for a night out in Toronto, why Nigel won’t date 20 year olds anymore and Matt tried to discover some blackmail material from one of Nigel’s college roommates.

33:39 - Matt should be given a raise for convincing strangers to subscribe to the podcast including one ex convict he did shots with!

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38: Adventures In Canada

38: Adventures In Canada

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