DiscoverRelationship Advice386: Secrets Of Sex And Marriage
386: Secrets Of Sex And Marriage

386: Secrets Of Sex And Marriage

Update: 2023-01-131


We all want to have better sex lives, but it's not always easy to make that happen. Understanding the research around desire, arousal and our biology can go a long way in helping us improve our sex lives. Listen to today's show to learn some key tools and insights that will help you improve your sex life today!

In this episode with Michael Sytsma, we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • The different types of desires that men and women exhibit and how understanding them will improve your sex life

  • The difference between desire and arousal and key points about both areas

  • How to bring the art of seduction into your relationship

  • The importance of creating a healthy connection outside of the bedroom to improve your sex life

  • Important questions to ask your partner about sex

  • The number 1 turn on for women according to research

  • Creating a vision for your sex life in your relationship

  • Navigating pain issues during sex

  • And much more!


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386: Secrets Of Sex And Marriage

386: Secrets Of Sex And Marriage

Hosted by: Chase Kosterlitz, Produced by: Sarah Kosterlitz