DiscoverRelationship Advice406: Too Much Drama In Your Life?
406: Too Much Drama In Your Life?

406: Too Much Drama In Your Life?

Update: 2023-05-242


We all have been there with a romantic partner, family member or friend who always has something dramatic going on in their lives. Perhaps it may even be you who is addicted to drama. There are important patterns to recognize and correct if you or someone you know is addicted to drama. Don't let the drama of others, or within yourself, continue to decrease your happiness and well being. Listen to today's show for key tools and tips for dealing with drama in your life.

In this episode with Dr. Scott Lyons we discuss relationship advice topics that include:

  • What is drama, how to recognize it and the important differences between a drama reflex and a drama occurrence

  • How those who engage in drama are disconnected from themselves

  • How drama helps reinforce one's identity as a victim and how to break this pattern

  • Why some individuals create drama to feel alive and connected

  • How to relate with someone who is addicted to drama

  • Interrupting the drama pattern for a happier, healthier life

  • And much more!


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406: Too Much Drama In Your Life?

406: Too Much Drama In Your Life?

Hosted by: Chase Kosterlitz, Produced by: Sarah Kosterlitz