DiscoverMean GirlYou Look Good Naked & Girls Trip To OKC
You Look Good Naked & Girls Trip To OKC

You Look Good Naked & Girls Trip To OKC

Update: 2022-11-07


We’re live from the bathtub in Oklahoma City! Dear boys, at what point do you ever deny sex? Is there a scenario where you would do that? We’ve got one for you. It’s crazy. And when girls are naked they want to be complimented and feel beautiful. Being naked is vulnerable. Throw one out for the girls. Then, what days of the week are prime real estate for dates? And for the listener question we discuss your partner hating who you hate. Oh, and boxers or briefs? Maybe neither :-) TIMECODES: Intro - 00:00 Boxers or briefs? - 5:30 Women’s panties - 8:00 Getting rejected for sex - 12:40 Prime time date days - 17:10 Should a guy order for you at a restaurant? - 25:50 We’re hot messes - 32:00 Compliment girls in bed - 38:20 Do you and your friends/ SO need to hate the same people? SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS: Pink Whitney: Order Pink Whitney Shots at your local bar today. Betterhelp: This episode is sponsored by Betterhelp. Go to for 10% off your first month No Days Wasted: Go to and use code “MEANGIRL” for 30% off your order Julie: Go to to learn more or find Julie at your nearest Walmart Vagisil: Go to and sign-up to save $2 on any Vagisil product.

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Christian Robards

i know you'all dont use Vagisil. You know that stuff sucks; you know it! at least sponsor a company that actually helps woman, like an all natural cooter company, like Honeypot for example. Its obvious this podcast is actually made by men trying to capitalize on the woman population as well.

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You Look Good Naked & Girls Trip To OKC

You Look Good Naked & Girls Trip To OKC

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