DiscoverHAIYAA with Nigel Ng42: Nigel Gets Roasted By His Lady Friend
42: Nigel Gets Roasted By His Lady Friend

42: Nigel Gets Roasted By His Lady Friend

Update: 2022-12-142


After spending time together in Hawaii Nigel has brought Hawaii girl with him to NYC to record a podcast. We finally get a unique perspective on what it is like to casually be involved with Nigel, learn all about his "no touching" rule and hear about their hilarious adventures.

0:00 - We discover the joke Hawaii girl told that inspired Nigel to bring her on the podcast and the leap of faith they both took in going to Hawaii together despite never meeting in person beforehand.

7:00 - Why Nigel changed hotels in Hawaii to escape the two star people and because of his disappointment in not being given flowers.

14:00 - Hawaii girl has an asian fetish and we learn about her small town America upbringing. One of her Man Friends is Nigels biggest fan and why being called a 'Niece" is a turn off. Having to take out a "special toy" at airport security...

26:48 - Texting other men and women in front of each other and the two of them bumping into a guy Hawaii girl matched with on tinder. The politics behind Nigel's "no touching" rule and Hawaii girl sitting next to the guy she matched with on Tinder on the plane ride home - it was awkward.

40:00 - Nigel is auditioning for Hawaii girl number two, the discovery of Nigels "hidden folder" on his phone and meeting a trophy wife in Hawaii.

50:00 - Playing corn hole with a couple celebrating their divorces.

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42: Nigel Gets Roasted By His Lady Friend

42: Nigel Gets Roasted By His Lady Friend

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