DiscoverHAIYAA with Nigel Ng45: We Are Ending The Podcast Soon...
45: We Are Ending The Podcast Soon...

45: We Are Ending The Podcast Soon...

Update: 2023-01-18


THE PODCAST IS COMING TO AN END… in a few months as Nigel announces his upcoming relocation to Los Angeles! So strap in for the final episodes of the Haiyaa podcast and let's make it the best closing run ever seen from a podcast. Write to us with your funny stories or favourite highlights from the podcast to or leave a voice note to the Haiyaa podcast Instagram (the link is down below)

With that out of the way…

Nigel takes Producer Matt and Gemma to his favourite Omakase restaurant in London and trick them into trying Cod Sperm. Surprisingly delicious! Elsewhere Nigel describes his longing to be a “Chad” and reveals why he wants to date a woman with left wing morals but right wing aesthetics.

0:00 - The Haiyaa Podcast will be on hiatus when Nigel moves to LA and reassures Producer Matt it isn’t because of his workmanship that he is leaving.

10:38 - Nigel is worried he will turn into an “LA” type, wand update from Producer Matt and why it was Nigel’s fault he only last two days before breaking dry January.

19:46 - Nigel shames a white couple for eating edamame in an Omakase restaurant, Producer Matt opens up about his Pseudodysphagia, Nigel yearns to be a “Chad” one day.

32:07 - Producer Matt and Gemma try cod sperm with Nigel and after Matt takes Nigel to a traditional British pub for pints and crisps. Nigel clears up some controversy about a recent comment he made abut a Thai street vendor in an Uncle Roger video.

42:00 - Nigel reacts to a recent Vice debate video and why he hopes nobody ever posts “So Brave” under a selfie of his…

50:00 - The return of responding to Listener emails!

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45: We Are Ending The Podcast Soon...

45: We Are Ending The Podcast Soon...

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