DiscoverThe Founder Podcast#57: Scaling Without Spending
#57: Scaling Without Spending

#57: Scaling Without Spending

Update: 2023-12-04


Join host Chris Lee on another exciting episode of The Founder Podcast, where he sits down with the renowned Dr. Chau Ong, a real estate guru with a unique approach to achieving financial freedom. Dr. Chau, formerly a pharmacist turned entrepreneur, has made a mark in the world of real estate by teaching thousands of individuals how to scale to a multiple six-figure income without massive upfront investments.

In this episode, Dr. Chau shares his journey from immigrant beginnings, sleeping on a single mattress in a challenging neighborhood, to becoming a successful entrepreneur. With an MBA and a background in pharmacy, Dr. Chau decided to break free from the corporate grind and dive into the world of entrepreneurship. He reveals how he built an impressive Airbnb portfolio, garnering attention from industry giants like Tony Robbins and Grant Cardone.

Chris, a seasoned real estate investor himself, explores the practicalities of Dr. Chau's methods and challenges him on the accessibility of such strategies for individuals with limited resources. Dr. Chau shares insights on mindset transformation and resourcefulness, emphasizing that anyone can overcome financial constraints with the right mindset and connections.

Listeners get a glimpse into Dr. Chau's Financial Freedom Formula, where he breaks down the steps to achieving financial freedom through his unique approach. The conversation takes a turn towards mindset and personal development, with Dr. Chau revealing his commitment to continuous learning from industry elites like Tony Robbins and Richard Branson.

Tune in to this episode of The Founder Podcast for an inspiring conversation that goes beyond real estate strategies, offering valuable insights into mindset, resourcefulness, and the pursuit of financial freedom. Learn how Dr. Chau's unconventional approach can empower everyday individuals to break free from the rat race and live life on their terms.


"It's not about me. It's about you. It's about leaving a legacy and helping people achieve their legacy."

"Cash flow is king, cash flow is freedom."

"The question to ask in business is not what kind of business do and the question to ask is, who is the ideal clients I want to serve?"


00:00 : Introduction Dr. Chau BnB 
01:34 : Financial Freedom
07:35 : Real Estate Investing
12:33 : Overcoming Financial Obstacles
17:43 : Personal Development
22:54 : Investing in Yourself
27:39 : Spirituality & Growth

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#57: Scaling Without Spending

#57: Scaling Without Spending

Chris Lee