DiscoverOptometry: The Ultimate O.D.Are You Lucky or Are You Good? - E143
Are You Lucky or Are You Good? - E143

Are You Lucky or Are You Good? - E143

Update: 2023-04-06


Are You Lucky or Are You Good? - E143

Highlights from this episode:
Run Down:  Are You Lucky or Are You Good? (00:41 )
Office Talk: Office Culture & Helping vs. Selling (17:54 )

In today's episode we are talking about luck versus skill. Are you where you're at because of dumb luck, right place, right time? OR, are YOU the secret sauce to why you are successful (or not)? We all like to think we have a measure of control on our outcomes. In this segment we do a deep dive on that and give one person's perspective on it. (00:41 )

In today's office talk, we are talking about building an office culture that has the mentality that their job is to HELP our patients instead of SELL. To not offer them the options that will give them the best outcomes is to do them a disservice. Our patients come to us for our expertise. Let them make the call for themselves on what they choose to go with but you are not being a good doctor if you don't at least let them know what they could have. (17:54 )

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Are You Lucky or Are You Good? - E143

Are You Lucky or Are You Good? - E143

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