DiscoverThe Excellence Project with Eric WorreBlow By Blow with World Champion Boxer Andre Berto
Blow By Blow with World Champion Boxer Andre Berto

Blow By Blow with World Champion Boxer Andre Berto

Update: 2023-11-06


World Champion Boxer, Olympian, Speaker and Serial Entrepreneur Andre Berto, aka The Beast, discusses his Haitian roots and upbringing, talks about his commitment to excellence, details his biggest fights and reveals if he will ever fight again. He also pulls back the curtain on what he was thinking leading up to and during every fight and tells us how to lose 12 pounds in 6 hours. 1:38:21

Show Notes: 

01:38 - Eric welcomes Andre Berto and asks him about his nickname, The Beast.

03:57 - Andre shares details about his Haitian roots, upbringing and his father’s involvement in mixed martial arts.

10:30 - Eric asks Andre how and when he became interested in boxing.

19:30 - Andre and Eric discuss discipline, obsession, dedication and determination.

22:46 - Andre tells us who his mentors were.

29:40 - Andre details his workout and nutrition habits and making weight.

33:51 - Eric and Andre examine the difference between being good at something and becoming a true artist.

41:08 - Andre discloses what he’s thinking when he’s in the locker room, the tunnel, the ring and in the middle of a fight.

50:08 -  Andre and Eric agree that it’s important to appreciate not just success but the process that leads you to success.

57:19 - Andre explains the relationship between boxing and brand.

01:04:30 - Andre describes his relationship with his team and boxing promotion.

01:08:19 - Eric and Andre cover some of his most important fights and what it felt like to be World Champion.

01:22:31 - Andre shares how he came back after a tough loss.

01:26:21 Eric and Andre talk about the Mayweather fight.

01:31:12 Eric asks Andre if he will ever fight again and what’s next for him.


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Blow By Blow with World Champion Boxer Andre Berto

Blow By Blow with World Champion Boxer Andre Berto

Eric Worre