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Bonus Miles: How to Stay Married

Bonus Miles: How to Stay Married

Update: 2023-02-17


You fall in love and you get married, but have you ever thought about how to stay married? Many of you have asked to hear from Autumn and Eddie Miles about biblical marriage, and we listened! Join us this week for a special Valentine's Day treat as we hear from the Miles' on marriage! 

They answer questions from listeners, such as:

What are some examples of ways you honor your husband? I want to do better at this.

How do we divide tasks more equally? Unless I directly ask my spouse to do something,

everything falls on me.

I want my spouse to go to counseling because I know how badly they need it but they

simply won’t. What do I do?

We need the spark back in our marriage! Help!

We have multiple kids and it doesn’t seem like my husband enjoys them. He treats them

like they are a task and we just end up frustrated every night. How do you enjoy your

kids together?

What would you say is the number one thing you fight about in marriage and why do

you think that is?

What is something you both do well in marriage?

We don’t have anyone around to watch our kids and we don’t get to go out on dates.

What are some ways to reconnect that aren’t necessarily going out?

If you could give a newlywed couple just one piece of advice what would it be? 


Interview: Eddie Miles joins Autumn as they answer YOUR greatest questions about how to stay married.


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Bonus Miles: How to Stay Married

Bonus Miles: How to Stay Married

Autumn Miles