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Dana White Part 1

Dana White Part 1

Update: 2024-06-192


UFC President Dana White joins Shannon Sharpe at Club Shay Shay for a comprehensive and entertaining conversation that spans the history and future of mixed martial arts, personal anecdotes, and behind-the-scenes stories.

Shannon kicks things off by reminiscing about his experience attending UFC 1. He then dives into his recent participation in "The Roast of Tom Brady," sharing what it was like to perform in front of 12,000 people, his unique relationship with Tom Brady, and the process of crafting his jokes, including calling comedian Bill Burr for advice. Dana gives credit to Drew Bledsoe and Shannon takes a light-hearted jab at Kim Kardashian, to which Dana offers his own praise. He concludes with high praise for Tom Brady, calling him a savage.

Dana then dives into his upbringing with a single mom who worked as a nurse, growing up in a lower-middle-class environment, and moving from Boston in the fifth grade with a thick accent. He shares his lifelong love for fighting, dropping out of college after less than a semester, and the reasons why college didn't suit him. Dana recounts being run out of Boston due to FBI investigations involving Whitey Bulger, fleeing to Las Vegas, and how that move turned out to be fortuitous.

Upon arriving in Vegas, Dana became Tito Ortiz's manager despite his lack of qualifications, which he candidly discusses with Shannon. He explains what he saw in the UFC, then on the brink of bankruptcy, as a golden opportunity and purchased the company with the Fertitta Brothers. Dana believed in the universal appeal of fighting and worked tirelessly to turn the company around. He discusses the challenge of getting people to understand Jiu Jitsu and credits Joe Rogan for his pivotal role in popularizing the sport.

The conversation also covers the UFC's groundbreaking move to Spike TV, financing the first season independently, and the emphasis on live event experiences over TV broadcasts. Dana explains how he convinced Joe Rogan to become a commentator after seeing him on the Keenen Ivory Wayans show and an interview where Joe expressed his passion for fighting.

Dana then talks about his roster of fighters, particularly Conor McGregor, noting how money changed McGregor in ways it never did Tom Brady, and praising Conor's charismatic "gift of gab." He wraps up by discussing UFC 303, the upcoming fight at the Vegas Sphere, the challenges posed by MGM, the event's homage to Mexican Independence Day, and how it's designed to be more than just a fight—an unforgettable event.

Join Shannon Sharpe and Dana White for this first half of an episode packed with riveting stories, valuable insights, and the kind of in-depth discussion that makes "Club Shay Shay" a must-listen for sports fans and fight enthusiasts alike.


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Dana White Part 1

Dana White Part 1

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