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Danyel Manages a Momentous Merger

Danyel Manages a Momentous Merger

Update: 2023-05-16


On Episode 27 of This is Small Business, Andrea looks into what could be the future of your business, that is, if you eventually want to merge your small business with another business. Andrea talks to a familiar guest from season one, Danyel Surrency Jones, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of POWERHANDZ Inc., about her own journey merging POWERHANDZ inc. with another business as well as Danyel's newest role as Director of Amazon's Black Business Accelerator. Danyel talks about how to make your business more appealing to potential partners like making sure you have a solid financial model and a marketing strategy. Next, Andrea talks to Kison Patel, the CEO and Founder of DealRoom, FirmRoom and M&A Science, about how to set up your business in a way that’ll lead you to a successful merger. They talk about the many different reasons why you might consider a merger and the importance of a good M&A lawyer to help you through the process. Join Andrea as she fills up yet another chapter in her small business playbook with info that might help you pull off a successful merger.

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Danyel Manages a Momentous Merger

Danyel Manages a Momentous Merger (Amazon)