Date Night

Date Night

Update: 2022-02-1410


Valentine’s day is a holiday steeped in blood, sacrifice and violence. Come with us as we show you how bloody it can get.

CW: gore, marital infidelity, murder by stabbing, mutilation, murder in romantic situations, implied violent death of a family, mention of animal sacrifice (goat), catholicism, cult practices.

Written by Cam Collins

Narrated by Steve Shell

Sound design by Steve Shell

Produced by Cam Collins and Steve Shell

Additional voice acting: Cam Collins

Intro music: "The Bride" by Landon Blood

Outro music: "The Bride" by Landon Blood

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Merely Okay

This one is a jarring deviation from the typical style of storytelling. Lots of descriptive violence and gore. It's one to skip if you're not into that.

Feb 11th
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Date Night

Date Night