DiscoverHeal Thy Self with Dr. GDoctor G's Best of 2022!
Doctor G's Best of 2022!

Doctor G's Best of 2022!

Update: 2022-12-26


To celebrate the New Year, we're giving you Doctor G's top 10 moments from 2022! Enter 2023 with all of the health tips needed to get you on the right path. All of the full episodes are linked below if you want to hear more! Have a happy and HEALTHY New Year!

Episode 150: Dangerous Chemicals Found in Fast Fashion -

Episode 155: The BITTER TRUTH behind MAKEUP & how it DISRUPTS your HORMONES -

Episode 170: Everything You Need to Know About Birth Control -

Episode 174: Are TAMPONS Safe? -

Episode 175: The Truth Behind The Papaya Seed Tiktok Trend -

Episode 180: Tattoo Safety -

Episode 182: Alcohol named most dangerous drug -

Episode 183: Benefits of Mindfulness -

Episode 186: All Things Kidney Health -

Episode 187: Is BRITA a Good Filter? -

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Doctor G's Best of 2022!

Doctor G's Best of 2022!

Heal Thy Self