DiscoverThe Viall FilesE496 Bachelor In Paradise Recap w/ Davis Burleson
E496 Bachelor In Paradise Recap w/ Davis Burleson

E496 Bachelor In Paradise Recap w/ Davis Burleson

Update: 2022-11-02


Welcome back to The Viall Files: Bachelor In Paradise Edition! In this episode, we’re joined by the host of "What’s Poppin? With Davis!" and influencer, Davis Burleson. In this episode, we’re returning to paradise to catch up on all the latest drama and heartbreak happening on the beach! We first kick things off by diving into some Bachelor Nation Tea! We dive into Madi Prewett’s mysterious veil at her wedding, the news that Kaylen and Dean are engaged, how Dean lost the first ring, and then address the swirling rumors of Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo being spotted in Rome with some insight from a certified source. We then hop right into the recap itself, kicking things off with all the love triangles. We talk about Alex returning to the beach, debating if Johnny is ready for love this time, a steamy sauna date focused on commitment, and Justin returning with his eyes set on Eliza. We talk about how Rodney being a nice person led to a miscommunication with Eliza, the women wanting the men to chase them, and Aaron’s outburst in front of Wells. We also get into the gaslighting accusations, Hayden admitting to spending six figures on pet medical bills, and a squeamish Hayden on a zipline date with Kate. We also talk about Michael A rooting for couples to stay together, fireworks being used to mess with people, Genevieve pitching a perfect game, and the twins returning to the beach in (unintentionally) matching outfits. We also give some predictions on what the rest of the season holds, when everything and anything can happen. 

“Do I like them or are they just checking boxes?”

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E496 Bachelor In Paradise Recap w/ Davis Burleson

E496 Bachelor In Paradise Recap w/ Davis Burleson

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