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E519 Ask Nick - Deadbeat Dad Energy

E519 Ask Nick - Deadbeat Dad Energy

Update: 2022-12-263


Welcome back to another episode of The Viall Files: Ask Nick Edition! We’re here again to bring on our callers and help them navigate the world of relationships and situationships. We kick things off by hearing about Ali’s unconventional travel hacks, an update from improv class, and Amanda revealing the break-up song of the week! After debating if it’s worse to be cheated on or fallen out of love with, we bring on our callers. Our first caller is debating if she should break off her engagement with her fiancé, despite having a child with him. With this man not fulfilling her needs as both a partner and a father to her child, she wonders if it’s worth it to move on. Our next caller has been single for three years and recently feeling lonely, is reflecting on a breakup from years ago. With her ex appearing in her dreams, she wonders how to detach from these feelings and hope for a brighter future. Our last caller is wondering how to handle a situation where her best friend seems to disappear when her friend is dating someone. With her finding a hard time with their dynamic changing, our caller wonders how to salvage and transform friendship into something new.

“You’re a better friend when you don’t have a boyfriend.” 

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E519 Ask Nick - Deadbeat Dad Energy

E519 Ask Nick - Deadbeat Dad Energy

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