DiscoverThe Viall FilesE527 Ask Nick - I Think My Parents Are Swingers
E527 Ask Nick - I Think My Parents Are Swingers

E527 Ask Nick - I Think My Parents Are Swingers

Update: 2023-01-16


Welcome back to another episode of The Viall Files: Ask Nick Edition! We’re back to answer your burning questions about the world of dating and relationships! Before getting to our callers, Nick reveals his plans to propose to Natalie and how he’s going to pop the question! We also get the latest update from Amanda’s break-up song of the week and respond to some listener feedback regarding the recent advice given on an episode of Ask Nick. We then get into our callers! Our first caller has reason to suspect her parents are in a polyamorous relationship and she is wondering how to address it with them. While she respects their choices, she’s hoping to stop them from actively being bad at sneaking around behind her back when she visits. Our next caller met a DJ who goes through a cycle of hooking her in with intense messages but then ghosts her. With this trend repeating, our caller wonders how to uncloud her judgment. Our final caller feels her partner is being hypocritical and setting up double standards in the relationship and wants to know how she can get him to realize what he’s doing. While she fully trusts her partner having his ex in her life, her partner doesn’t bestow the same trust in our frustrated caller. Our caller worries about how they can progress their relationship when in reality, even after two years, he doesn’t fully trust her. 

“Your ego is being a bad bouncer” 

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E527 Ask Nick - I Think My Parents Are Swingers

E527 Ask Nick - I Think My Parents Are Swingers

Nick Viall