DiscoverThe Autumn Miles ShowEpisode 133: To Choose the Betrayer...
Episode 133: To Choose the Betrayer...

Episode 133: To Choose the Betrayer...

Update: 2023-03-28


What do you do when someone betrays you? It could be your friend, spouse, pastor, ministry leader, etc. Our first instinct is to let the anger inside of us build to a point of boiling over. Spoiler alert; Jesus was betrayed over just 30 pieces of silver. However, Jesus had so much confidence in God and knew that God would keep His promise that He remained steady in the mission. He knew that God would do exactly what He said He would. Jesus was our example of how we can heal from and move past betrayal. You can be betrayed, yet clung to the Father. 


Monologue: Autumn gushes about the time when she and her son, Jude, compete against each other at Ping-Pong.

Message: After the break, Autumn puts a new spin on the Easter story from the perspective of Jesus' response to betrayal and his perfect example of how believers should respond to betrayal.

Question: "How can I move past this hard time in our marriage and be the woman he married and get the man I married back?"

Praise Report: A listener shares how Psalm 91 changed their life by putting it in the first-person perspective.


Bible References:

Matthew 26:1-16, 27:1-6

John 12:1-8, 18:1-11

Mark 14:8-11, 3:10-20

Luke 9:1-2

Isaiah 30:18 , 9:7, 61:8

Jeremiah 9:24

Psalm 9:7

Job 37:23

Deuteronomy 32:35

Romans 12:17-19

*All verses are from the NASB1995 Bible translation.


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Episode 133: To Choose the Betrayer...

Episode 133: To Choose the Betrayer...

Autumn Miles