DiscoverCatch my KillerEpisode 143: Jerald "Jerry" Hall
Episode 143: Jerald "Jerry" Hall

Episode 143: Jerald "Jerry" Hall

Update: 2022-07-18


This week's story concerns a murdered 35-year-old father of two named Jerald “Jerry” Hall. His body was found on October 15, 1988 by deer hunters. He was found face down in the woods off I 44 near Leesburg, Missouri. For this story, I spoke to Jessica Underwood, who was Jerry’s youngest daughter. She was four when her father was murdered. At the time of his death, he was living in Hardy, Arkansas with an unnamed girlfriend. He was separated from Jessica’s mother when he was killed. Jessica has made it her mission to find out who killed her father.

Unfortunately, she has been hitting countless roadblocks in her quest for justice. She has heard several different stories about what happened to her father but cannot confirm any of them. Jerry was a heavy drinker who didn’t have an automobile. He was known to hitchhike everywhere, which was common during the 80s. One story is that Jerry was hitchhiking to visit his daughter Jessica.

Another story is that he was hitchhiking to buy alcohol. A third story was that while hitchhiking, Jerry came across and elderly man with a flat tire. After Jerry began helping the stranger change his tire, a car swerved by and nearly struck the elderly man. Jerry became angry with the two men in the car. Afterward, Jerry engaged in a heated argument with the two men which led to a fight. The elderly man then went to a gas station and called law enforcement. However, when law enforcement returned to the scene, Jerry and the two men were gone.

Jessica has spoken to law enforcement and learned there are no crime scene photos or witness statements. She has been told the documentation she requested has either been misplaced or lost.

If you know anything about this case, you can report your tips to the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department at (573) 775 – 4911. And if you would like additional information about this case, you visit the Who Killed Jerald Hall Facebook page. Please consider following this page for updates. Please share Jerry Hall’s story with your friends and family. Someone out there knows what happened to him.

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Episode 143: Jerald "Jerry" Hall

Episode 143: Jerald "Jerry" Hall

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