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Episode 176: Trevor Nichols

Episode 176: Trevor Nichols

Update: 2023-05-16


Trevor Michael Nichols was a young man from Tremont City, Ohio who was 24 when he vanished in 2017. He had come from a military family and wanted to follow in his other family members footsteps and join the U.S. Army after high school. Before he disappeared, Trevor got married and had a son who he loved dearly. Unfortunately, his marriage wouldn’t last. His mother Erin said her daughter in law had a difficult time adjusting to being a soldier’s wife and handling Trevor’s deployments. He was a cook in the Army and served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

His mother told said Trevor had a passion for cooking and could cook a great meal with just a few ingredients. He also enjoyed going for long walks, which is something he had always done.
She also said he loved his son more than anything else and was bothered that he would be moving farther away from his son once he transferred to Fort Riley. But his mother said he welcomed the challenge of having a fresh start in a new location.

Unfortunately, Trevor would never make it to his new duty station in Fort Riley, Kansas. Erin has said she last spoke to her son on November 14, 2017. However, it’s unknown when he was actually last seen. The last person to be seen with Trevor was supposedly a friend who was also in the Army.

The friend said he dropped Trevor off at an Amtrak station in Syracuse, NY. Erin believes the date to be November 17, 2017. However, she doesn’t know if her son ever made it to the train station because there is no proof. Only the word of Trevor’s friend. Erin also said that Trevor left behind his driver’s license, U.S. Military Identification Card and his cell phone. If he was leaving town, why would he not take his phone and identification information?

What really happened to Trevor Nichols? He’s been missing for over five years. No one has seen or heard from him.

His family is heartbroken over Trevor’s disappearance and will continue in their search for him. Someone out there knows what happened to him. Do you know what happened to Trevor? Are you the person with the key to solving this stranger mystery? If know anything about this case, please contact the Tremont City Police Department in Ohio at 937-328-2560.
And if you would like to know more about this case, you can also visit the Missing: Trevor Nichols Facebook page.

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Episode 176: Trevor Nichols

Episode 176: Trevor Nichols

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