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Episode 173: Tyler Howell

Episode 173: Tyler Howell

Update: 2023-04-09


Angie Mantlo had a close relationship with Tyler Howell, 21, who was her oldest son. Tyler and his family lived in Milton, Florida. Angie said Tyler was a young man who had maintained many of his childhood friendships and he never got out of his terrible twos. She described him as rambunctious and goofy, but he had a heart of gold.

According to media reports, Tyler’s death unfolded on October 21, 2018. Tyler and his cousin went to local gas station for cigarettes late that Sunday night. They climbed into his cousin’s blue Chevy Cruz. After buying cigarettes, Tyler and his cousin returned home from the store. On their way back from the gas station the cousins were followed to Tyler’s John Hamm Road residence by several Black males driving in Silver Kia Optima.

Tyler then exited his cousin’s car and got into the Kia with the men. Afterward, one of the men left the Kia and pointed a gun at Tyler’s cousin and ordered her to get out of the car. After she left her vehicle, the unknown man drove away with her car as the Kia also drove off with Tyler inside.
Moments later, Tyler was shot to death and left alongside the road. The Kia and the Blue Chevy Cruz have both been recovered.

The Kia is owned by a man named Keyairis Hawkins, who is currently incarcerated on unrelated charges. The Chevy Cruz has also been traced to a shooting in Pensacola.

Tyler’s mother thinks it’s possible her son knew one of his killers. She thinks it’s a possibility that he may have tried to sell marijuana to the men but she doesn’t know for sure. Today, all the family has left of Tyler are his memories and a roadside memorial in his honor. Tyler was laid to rest at Hickory Hammock Church Cemetery.

For this story, I spoke to Angie Mantlo, who is Tyler’s mother. She told me the grief she feels is unbearable and the holidays and birthdays are the worst. I had read that Angie visited her son’s grave daily just to speak to him. I asked her if that was true. She said it was true and that she also drives past the site of Tyler’s homicide regularly. The Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Office is hopeful they are able to uncover DNA that could lead to Tyler’s killer.

Angie Mantlo has said she hope that someone will step up and do what’s right for Tyler and break their code of silence. She knows there are several people out there who have the answers the family need to see justice for Tyler. If you have any information about this case, please contact the Santa Rosa County Crime Stoppers number at 850-437-STOP.

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Episode 173: Tyler Howell

Episode 173: Tyler Howell

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