DiscoverSinisterhoodEpisode 215: The Quiverfull Movement
Episode 215: The Quiverfull Movement

Episode 215: The Quiverfull Movement

Update: 2022-11-30


We’ve seen them on reality TV - enormous families with dozens of children. But the their lives are nowhere near picture perfect, as they're bowing to male authority, having as many kids as possible, and using sub-par learning plans developed by predators. This insidious belief system has still gained a following even throughout its many scandals. 

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Autumn Cousineau

The story of that fucked up doctor impregnating women with his own gross stuff without their knowledge reminds me about why I 100% refuse to have my OBGYN be a man. I've refused since I was old enough to need my primary care provider to also be a OBGYN, I still refuse now. I never even considered this could happen, but it makes me want to die inside thinking about it. It's gross on its own knowing that there's a man you're not in a relationship with that's just feeling around in your junk (and may get inappropriate about it); it's a whole other awful thing to find out he also did this. Just, holy shit. That is SO revolting. I want to both beat him with a baseball bat and throw up on him. And this just makes me lean even harder into refusing to EVER allow a man to be my primary care provider. My mom has been the same way for as long as I can remember and I'm so glad I am too (and I'm glad we actually have enough women doctors in the area who are qualified to do OB stuff, cuz we live in a rural area).

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Episode 215: The Quiverfull Movement

Episode 215: The Quiverfull Movement

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