DiscoverSinisterhoodEpisode 229: Sky Trumpets
Episode 229: Sky Trumpets

Episode 229: Sky Trumpets

Update: 2023-03-152


In 2009, when Apple introduced video capabilities on its iPhone 3GS and other phones followed suit, the ability of everyday folks to notice and film unexplained phenomenon skyrocketed. Suddenly, when a strange incident occurred, there were cameras in every pocket to capture it. The timing was perfect, as beginning in 2008, people around the world started hearing strange sounds coming from the skies.

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Autumn Cousineau

It's funny that you guys mention pagers and how they're probably not around anymore. My last job I left a month ago relied on them. It was an assisted living facility, and that's how is caregivers knew which residents were calling if we weren't at the monitor. The building had 3 stories, so having a pager was extremely useful for when a call went off and you weren't near a monitor. I'm almost 25 and I only know how to work a pager after working there for 1 year and 8 months.

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Episode 229: Sky Trumpets

Episode 229: Sky Trumpets

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