DiscoverSinisterhoodEpisode 250: The Midnight Game
Episode 250: The Midnight Game

Episode 250: The Midnight Game

Update: 2023-08-091


A candle, some salt, and a drop of blood. Gather these specific items, turn out all your lights, and wait until the clock strikes twelve. Complete the ritual and a dark entity will appear, one who tortures you with your deepest fears - at least according to this internet legend. It may have started as an online creepy pasta, but does this tale have any basis in reality? This week’s episode is The Midnight Game.

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Autumn Cousineau

The midnight man if he catches me: "Mwahahaha I'll show you you're greatest fe- wait holy SHIT bitch you need some THERAPY. How would I even show that????"

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Episode 250: The Midnight Game

Episode 250: The Midnight Game

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