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Facts, Rats and Rents

Facts, Rats and Rents

Update: 2023-05-187


Never ones to shirk a challenge, Nish and Coco launch ‘Chat Shit Get Banged’, their campaign to stop politicians from lying. They get some expert help from Will Moy, from fact checkers Full Fact - he’s dedicated his life to correcting the mistakes and mistruths of the people elected to lead us…not mislead us. With a general election on the horizon next year, he tells them he’s done with “bullshit manifestos”, and reveals how AI could help root out the liars.

Campaigning works! Nish and Coco dissect the new Renters Reform Bill, which has finally been published thanks to the tireless efforts of people like our guest Anny Cullum, one of the founders of the community union Acorn. But does it go far enough? The Bill doesn't really address rocketing rents, so we ask if rent controls are the next battleground.

Plus, Nish takes on the NatCons, but has a rare good word for Jacob Rees-Mogg. We also introduce you to Marvel’s newest superhero: Ombudsman, and find out why Coco knows so much about rats’ mating habits.

If you want to support Full Fact’s campaign to amend the rules to make it easier for politicians to correct mistakes, then you can sign their petition here:


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  • Will Moy, Chief Exec of the fact checking charity Full Fact 
  • Anny Cullum, Policy Officer and Researcher for the tenants and community union ACORN

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Chad Drumhiller

The closest version in the US to “chat shit, get banged” in my opinion is “f around and find out” which usually refers to someone doing something stupid and it having unintended consequences, but it carries the same energy

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Facts, Rats and Rents

Facts, Rats and Rents

Nish Kumar, Coco Khan, Will Moy