DiscoverThe Man Enough PodcastFinding Humor in Chaos: Brett Dier on Life, Laughs, and Aliens
Finding Humor in Chaos: Brett Dier on Life, Laughs, and Aliens

Finding Humor in Chaos: Brett Dier on Life, Laughs, and Aliens

Update: 2023-11-131


Actor, artist, and long-time friend of the pod, Brett Dier, joins our hosts for a refreshing and honest conversation on friendship (51:09 ), vulnerability, and a surprising discussion about the existence of extraterrestrial life (35:36 ). Brett opens up about his battle with depression, managing his Tourette's, (08:23 ) and how he channels his challenges into art and comedy, drawing inspiration from the likes of Jim Carrey to use humor as a coping mechanism. 

Later in the episode, Jane the Virgin fans, rejoice! Justin and Brett share behind-the-scenes stories (53:17 ) that are as heartfelt as they are hilarious, exploring the friendships and admiration forged between takes and the resulting bond that extends beyond the screen. 


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(00:05 ) - Brett used humor to cope with depression 

(03:05 ) - Welcome Brett Dier 

(06:57 ) - When was the last time you didn’t feel enough? 

(08:23 ) - For Brett, his battle with depression & Tourrette’s was a private battle 

(16:47 ) - Brett used humor to escape bullying and torment from other kids 

(19:38 ) - How Justin & Brett dealt with comparison fatigue on ‘Jane The Virgin’

(23:57 ) - Brett’s evolution through self-work

(35:36 ) - Art & Aliens 

(39:19 ) - Depression's effect on romantic connection and intimacy 

(44:43 ) - The meaning behind Brett’s alien artwork 

(51:09 ) - How Justin and Brett forged a deep friendship as adult men

(53:17 ) - Memories from the set of “Jane The Virgin”

(59:53 ) - What does it mean to be “Man Enough?


“I wanna make people feel things. That's why I love to act, whether it's to make someone sad or laugh or whatever it is. I just want people to feel.” - Brett Dier 

“The longest distance a man will ever travel is the distance between his head and his heart.” - Justin Baldoni 

About Brett Dier

Brett Dier is a Canadian television and film actor known best for his work on the popular TV show Jane the Virgin (with Justin Baldoni) and the A.B.C sitcom Schooled. He has 2 films that came out in 2023 called About My Father, a comedy with Robert de Niro and Sebastian Maniscalco, and Maybe It’s You, a rom-com with Veronica St. Claire. Aside from acting Brett is an artist and he shares and sells his prints on his Instagram.

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Finding Humor in Chaos: Brett Dier on Life, Laughs, and Aliens

Finding Humor in Chaos: Brett Dier on Life, Laughs, and Aliens

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