DiscoverSoul Shine PodcastFinding Peace Amidst the Waves of Grief
Finding Peace Amidst the Waves of Grief

Finding Peace Amidst the Waves of Grief

Update: 2024-02-18


When the weight of grief settles upon your shoulders, where do you turn for solace? Joi Britt, a licensed clinical social worker, joins us to share her compassionate insights on navigating the complexities of loss. Through her work with Life Intentional Psychotherapy Services and the Professionals of Color Collective, Joi offers a guiding light to women of color grappling with life's toughest challenges. Our conversation uncovers the intricacies of anxiety, relationships, family, and work trauma, alongside the innovative realm of friendship coaching.

Embarking on this emotional voyage, we unravel the layers of compounded grief, from the heartache of losing parents and partners to the quest for peace in the wake of the inevitable. We share our stories, raw and unfiltered, to illustrate the diverse rituals of mourning, from cremation to burial, each seeking what brings tranquility to the soul. The power of podcasting emerges as a beacon of healing, transforming sorrow into a sanctuary for growth, connection, and resilience. And as the episode progresses, we honor the courage it takes to reach out for support and the strength found in the bonds of community.

We close our heartfelt dialogue by acknowledging the spectrum of emotions grief elicits and the importance of self-care as an anchor amidst life's storms. As we reflect on personal anecdotes of loss and the delicate balance of managing grief within work relationships, we're reminded of the universal need to support one another through life’s trials. Joi and I, along with our Soul Shine community, extend our deepest gratitude for the shared journey of healing, reminding listeners that every experience holds the seeds of a lesson or a blessing.

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"How very little can be done under the spirit of fear"- Florence Nightingale

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Finding Peace Amidst the Waves of Grief

Finding Peace Amidst the Waves of Grief

Jasmine Lott