DiscoverSoul Shine PodcastThe Art of Change and the Anchors of Friendship
The Art of Change and the Anchors of Friendship

The Art of Change and the Anchors of Friendship

Update: 2024-03-03


Navigating life's twists and turns can often feel like a solitary journey, but it's the moments shared with others that truly shape our experiences. On the Soul Shine podcast, we're joined by mental health maven Mrs. Ryanne Logan Peterson, who opens up about the highs and lows of motherhood and loss. Her tales of transformation sprinkle wisdom throughout our conversation, and whether you're cradling new life or mourning the passage of time, her insights resonate deeply with the soul.

We've all felt the sting when a friendship drifts into silence, or the warmth of bonds that weather every storm. This episode peeks into the heart of these relationships, assessing the impact of life's milestones on the friends who walk beside us—or sometimes, part ways. As we share anecdotes from military service to motherhood, and even the delicate dance of navigating old friendships upon returning home, the narrative weaves through the importance of clear communication and creating space for growth in every connection we cherish.

Transformation is a curious creature; it beckons us with the promise of growth yet challenges us with the unknown. As your host, I lay bare my own metamorphosis—from military member to mother, and nurse—highlighting the trials and triumphs encountered along the way. In sharing these personal stories, we uncover the art of setting boundaries, the strength found in expressing our needs, and the profound beauty of supportive relationships. The Soul Shine podcast invites you to celebrate change and hold dear the constants that illuminate your path. Join us for a heartfelt symphony of life's lessons and blessings.

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The Art of Change and the Anchors of Friendship

The Art of Change and the Anchors of Friendship

Jasmine Lott