Food Fight

Food Fight

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Bowdoin College and Vassar College are two elite private schools that compete for the same students. But one of those schools is trying hard to address the problem of rich and poor in American society—and paying a high price. The other is making that problem worse—and reaping rewards as a result.

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samar fooladi

nice job

Oct 24th

M. W. Morris

I don't know if you're an advocate of causes or not. As a Canadian who's watched the events in your country for years and especially the last 4 years of tumult, I've heard the complaints about high personal taxation and this increasing disparities between the wealthy and the rest of the population. It seems to me that one answer to the topic of this episode would be to start a movement to lobby President Biden and Congress to tightly (i.e. without loopholes or ways to transfer the funds on which those gains are earned to tax exempt instruments) legislate the capital gains taxation of higher education institutions. The legislation could include a deduction for each student receiving a PELL grant enrolled at the institution with said deduction being attractive enough to encourage such enrollment. Of course, such a plan may result in a flood of wealthy citizens scurrying to divert their donations to educational institutions to offshore havens. However, I understand that the IRS, the FBI the Secretariat of State are staffed with people having excellent abilities to achieve agreements with the governments of those havens and to ferret out and penalise the purveyors of such actions. A positive result of such legislation may be some reduction in the amount added to the nation's debt load.

Feb 10th

Alicia Maria

I paid an exuberant amount for my private liberal arts degree and ate cheap granola bars and ramen because I couldn't afford a meal plan, even though I worked all through college. but I didn't go to school for food, I went for a degree so I could afford food later in life. Spoiled brats, all of them.

Sep 10th

McKay Sleight

so is the education received better at one or the other? this makes me wonder if the books that gladwell puts out are as skewed as this podcast

Sep 16th
Reply (2)

Destined 4 Greatness

Really nice. I wish this type of unique opportunity was done in colleges in Texas but Tx wealthy are stingy

Jan 24th
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Food Fight

Food Fight

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