DiscoverThe Excellence Project with Eric WorreFrom Tinder To Top Earner With Giordano Carretta
From Tinder To Top Earner With Giordano Carretta

From Tinder To Top Earner With Giordano Carretta

Update: 2023-10-16


Get ready for today's exciting episode! Eric Worre talks to Giordano Carretta, a Network Marketing expert with an amazing story. Giordano's journey is full of ups and downs, from Italy to the US, facing challenges, changing his soccer career, and stumbling upon a fantastic Network Marketing opportunity. Even when money was tight, he didn't quit. He believed in the product and worked hard. You'll discover his secrets to success, especially in Italy.

They talk about why events are crucial in Network Marketing, and Giordano shares tips for beginners. But that's not all! They also chat about growing a global business, giving back, and inspiring the next generation. Giordano's story shows that believing and never giving up can lead to success in Network Marketing.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration and success in business!


Giordano Carretta is an expert in Network Marketing. He helps people build 6-figure businesses by teaching them how Network Marketing works and how it benefits companies. Before he started in Network Marketing, Carretta worked various jobs like coaching football and being a busboy. He struggled to make ends meet and ended up with $30,000 in debt over three years. However, Network Marketing changed his life and allowed him to pursue his dreams in California after moving from Italy.


  • Giordano's journey from Italy to the US in network marketing

  • Overcoming challenges and career changes

  • Giordano's persistence and belief in the product

  • Eric Worre's insights on the importance of events in network marketing

  • Realistic expectations for newcomers and finding committed individuals

  • Building a global business, giving back, and inspiring the younger generation

  • The power of belief and perseverance in network marketing success


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  • 00:00 : Cold open intro

  • 00:40 : Introduction to Giordano Carretta

  • 02:18 : Growing up in Italy and pursuing a soccer career

  • 04:10 : Career development and setbacks

  • 08:31 : Unfulfilled dreams and finding new passions

  • 12:59 : Immigration and job struggles

  • 15:31 : How Giordano got into Network Marketing

  • 18:08 : Overcoming financial obstacles to start a business

  • 21:12 : Building a business in Italy without support

  • 25:53 : The time when his mom introduced him to a guy in Italy

  • 27:55 : Overcoming obstacles with a successful leader

  • 29:35 : The importance of changing people's mindset

  • 32:17 : Overcoming limiting beliefs and fear

  • 37:01 : The importance of belief in business

  • 39:02 : The power of persistence and creativity

  • 42:33 : The power of events in Network Marketing

  • 47:06 : Overcoming language barriers

  • 48:17 : Leadership, rewards, and personal growth in a business setting

  • 54:07 : The importance of vision in Network Marketing

  • 59:08 : Business expansion and personal life

  • 1:03:37 : What is Giordano’s vision now?

  • 1:06:50 : The pros and cons of high-ticket and low-ticket entry points

  • 1:08:35 : Don't fall in love with your limiting beliefs

  • 1:11:28 : Giordano’s biggest lessons

  • 1:14:26 : What's the key lesson from businesses needing to adapt?

  • 1:16:13 : How to identify who you're going to work with

  • 1:18:16 : How to support The Excellence Project

  • 1:18:59 : END



The book that influence Giordano Carretta as an entrepreneur:


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From Tinder To Top Earner With Giordano Carretta

From Tinder To Top Earner With Giordano Carretta

Eric Worre