DiscoverPlaymakers: On PurposeFrom the Prison Yard to the Harvard Yard (ft. Andre Norman, Speaker & Founder of The Academy of Hope)
From the Prison Yard to the Harvard Yard (ft. Andre Norman, Speaker & Founder of The Academy of Hope)

From the Prison Yard to the Harvard Yard (ft. Andre Norman, Speaker & Founder of The Academy of Hope)

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From the Prison Yard to the Harvard Yard (ft. Andre Norman)

From a 14-year prison stint to a life of meaning and impact


“If you can't line it up on your tombstone, it is just something you picked up along the way. So everything that I'm doing lines up with my tombstone because when it's all said and done, that stone is going to say who you were.”

—Andre Norman


International speaker and change agent Andre Norman is the founder of The Academy of Hope, a program designed to reduce institutional violence in prisons by providing an intense level of intervention while also creating a positive environment for the inmate population and staff. His tenacity and passion for people are tools that he’s used to help redevelop global communities, repair families in crisis, and reduce prison re-entry. Norman’s solution-based recovery efforts have impacted regions, such as Honduras, Bahamas, Sweden, Guatemala, Liberia, and Trinidad. He has lectured on multiple TEDx stages, as well as Harvard University and London Business School. And, his innovative strategies and personal experience with gang activity and inmate manipulation has improved correctional systems across the U.S.



[10:12 ] - Don’t Play the Tapes

The messages we tell ourselves to hold us back

Andre shares how each of us has a series of ‘tapes’ that play in our heads when we want to pursue something— ‘’You can’t do that. You’re not capable. You’re X, Y, and Z.” But there’s no guard at the gate but you. You’re the only one stopping yourself.

[19:15 ] - Control vs. Influence

Controlling a paycheck isn’t influence

Andre draws the distinction between control and influence. Just because you're someone’s ‘superior’ or boss doesn’t mean you have influence over them— only control. True leadership is connecting with people, not embracing the ‘dog eat dog’ ethos that doesn’t serve anyone or anything, not even the bottom line.

[27:18 ] - A Vision for Service

Where do you focus your desire to give?

If you have a desire to serve and give of yourself, where do you begin? Andre advises starting with a checklist. What do you love? What are you most passionate about? Start there. In Andre’s words, “Everybody’s not for everything. We need to build something that’s going to sustain, not just fill a gap.”

[38:29 ] - Mentors in the Pages

Don’t have a personal mentor? Find one in books

One of Andre Norman’s first mentors was James Allen, author of As a Man Thinketh. Norman estimates he read that book 50 times, going deep on the concepts within. He says that if you don’t have someone in your life that can be your in-person mentor, find a figure such as an author with a message that you connect with, then internalize that message. Let it help guide you forward.

[44:44 ] - The Tombstone

Start writing your epitaph with your actions

Want to live a life of purpose? Ask yourself what you want written on your tombstone— because there won’t be a lot of space there. Rather than trying to be everything to everyone all of your life, focus on what value you have to bring to this world, what passion you can inspire in others. Let those things guide your purpose, and let that purpose guide your actions.


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From the Prison Yard to the Harvard Yard (ft. Andre Norman, Speaker & Founder of The Academy of Hope)

From the Prison Yard to the Harvard Yard (ft. Andre Norman, Speaker & Founder of The Academy of Hope)

Andre Norman, Connor Trombley, Detroit Podcast Studios, Paul Epstein