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Gender Intelligence in Mining

Gender Intelligence in Mining

Update: 2021-03-16


The Gender Intelligence community is growing. Early adopters in finance and technology are now being joined by manufacturing and mining companies, as they too recognize the benefits of building inclusive cultures through an understanding of the value of gender differences.

On today’s show, Barbara and Paul discuss the progress of Vale, one of the world’s largest mining companies, with more than 76,000 employees at operations in 30 countries. The firm, founded in Brazil in 1942, has declared that its mission is to transform natural resources into prosperity and sustainable development. Part of that is a recognition that diversity is at the core of its people and the people it serves.

Barbara Annis describes the challenges that Vale faced, and the catalyst that moves the company to further define and declare its goals around building a diverse, and more gender-balanced workforce.

Gender Intelligence can benefit companies in several ways:

  • “difference thinking”
  • better leadership
  • improved communications
  • greater safety
  • help individuals to feel valued
  • empower women in the workplace

Recommended Reading:

For individuals interested in learning the concepts and principles of Gender Intelligence, read Barbara’s book, “Same Words, Different Language.” -

For organizations and teams interesting in implementing Gender Intelligence within your company, read Barbara’s book, “Gender Intelligence.” - 

Interview with Dino Otranto, COO, Vale Base Metals

As part of an interview series for International Women’s Day, Barbara spoke with Dino Otranto, Chief Operating Officer, Vale Base Metals. Barbara described his authentic commitment to Gender Intelligence and inclusion, and how it connects to Vale’s mission.

See the full interview with Dino Otranto here:

For more information, contact the Gender Intelligence Group: or 1-877-922-2462 ext. 120









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Gender Intelligence in Mining

Gender Intelligence in Mining

Barbara Annis and Paul Colligan