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How To Buy Back Your Time With Dan Martell

How To Buy Back Your Time With Dan Martell

Update: 2023-10-09


Join Eric Worre and Dan Martell as they chat about managing time effectively and boosting productivity. Dan's personal journey from adversity to entrepreneurial success is a key highlight. He underscores the significance of focusing on tasks that invigorate you and delegating energy-draining ones. They also emphasize self-awareness, mentorship, and the value of mastermind groups.

Listeners can gain valuable strategies for enhancing efficiency, setting high standards, and making purposeful decisions. The conversation inspires action and the application of mentorship and book knowledge for greater efficiency and success.
Tune in for valuable insights on improving your time management and productivity skills!


Dan Martell is the founder and CEO of SaaS Academy, the world’s No. 1 coaching program for B2B SaaS founders. He’s also a serial entrepreneur, triathlete, investor, author, husband, and father. Dan’s a 5x SaaS founder with three successful exits, including companies such as, Spheric, and Flowtown. Since founding SaaS Academy, he’s coached 800+ B2B SaaS founders to scale with confidence. On average, his SaaS Academy students have increased their MRR by 209% within six months.


Effective time management and boosting productivity
Dan Martell's inspiring journey from adversity to entrepreneurial success
Identifying tasks that energize and delegating draining ones
Practical strategies for enhancing efficiency and decision-making
The value of investing in personal development and learning from mentors
Taking action to become smarter and more efficient in life
Creating structure and setting intentional standards for success
The significance of confidently saying no to unnecessary commitments
Transforming from an unstructured lifestyle to a highly productive one
Key principles for achieving success in both personal and business endeavors


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00:00 : Cold open intro
00:42 : Introduction to Dan Martell
03:21 : Dan’s story about addiction and prison time
06:19 : How prison led Dan to discover his passion for computer programming
08:29 : Building successful businesses without sacrificing personal life
10:51 : The two phases of entrepreneurial growth
14:06 : Avoid comparing yourself to others and think big
16:34 : Time management and energy audits for entrepreneurs
21:11 : Prioritizing time and tasks in Network Marketing
25:05 : Productivity hacks and overcoming self-sabotage in business
29:46 : Where to get Dan’s book
31:54 : Time management strategies for entrepreneurs
35:12 : Prioritizing tasks and delegating tasks
37:22 : Mom guilt
40:19 : The importance of taking back time for oneself
42:16 : Self-improvement through books and awareness
45:10 : Mentors, masterminds, and habits for personal growth
50:10 : The importance of being intentional and saying no to distractions
52:46 : Designing a structured life with intentional habits
55:57 : The importance of creating space for creative projects
58:50 : Dan’s personal growth journey, desiring to become the "10.0 version"
1:01:55 : His experience meeting John Maxwell
1:05:57 : Like and subscribe
1:06:16 : END


Check out Dan Martell’s book:
Buy Back Your time, Dan Martell:

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How To Buy Back Your Time With Dan Martell

How To Buy Back Your Time With Dan Martell

Eric Worre