DiscoverHeal Thy Self with Dr. GHow To Rebuild Your Gut with Dr. Amy Shah
How To Rebuild Your Gut with Dr. Amy Shah

How To Rebuild Your Gut with Dr. Amy Shah

Update: 2023-02-271


Special Guest Segment:

  • Dr. Amy Shah joins the show to talk about what nutritional interventions can change our lives in just a few days.

  • The secret to physical healing 

  • How many days to change out gut biome?

  • Is it the macronutrients or the quality of food?

  • How gut diversity is reduced through generations.

  • Why we should let our kids get dirty.

  • How to rebuild your gut.

  • How the food industry gets us addicted to food. 

  • How many plant foods per week is optimal?

  • How food sensitivity starts.

  • How to define “ultra processed food.”

  • Best foods for mood.

  • Mental health and gut bacteria.

  • How omegas help gut bacteria and weight loss.

  • Why protein is essential for weight loss.

  • Gut bacteria balances hormones.

  • 6 foods to eat for the best gut.

  • How many fermented foods per day for best gut. 

  • Top way to reseed your gut for weight loss. 

  • How cheap dopamine hits keep us unhealthy. 


  • Dr. Shah graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cornell University's world renowned school of nutrition. She went on to receive her Medical Doctorate with Distinction. With training from Cornell, Harvard and Columbia - She helps busy people transform their health using cutting edge nutritional and medical science. Her proven techniques to heal inflammation utilize the power of the microbiome to help digestion, obtain natural hormone balance and heal food sensitivities. She is a well known expert on intermittent fasting for women.

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How To Rebuild Your Gut with Dr. Amy Shah

How To Rebuild Your Gut with Dr. Amy Shah

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