DiscoverHeal Thy Self with Dr. GHow to Heal Bloating with Dr. Guy Citrin + How to Keep Your Brain Healthy | EP 185
How to Heal Bloating with Dr. Guy Citrin + How to Keep Your Brain Healthy | EP 185

How to Heal Bloating with Dr. Guy Citrin + How to Keep Your Brain Healthy | EP 185

Update: 2022-11-21


Special Guest Segment:

Dr. Guy Citrin joins the show to talk all things gut, hormones and weight loss.

- What is the best pre meal supplement to take?

- What doctors miss in gut healing.

- Stomach acid is everything!

- Why heartburn medicine is unsafe.

- The power of mindful eating.

- The infection connected to auto immune disease.

- Why is bile so essential in gut health?

- New weight loss miracle.

- The power of regenerative medicine.

- Why are our hormones so disrupted?

How to properly fix your hormones.  

How to raise testosterone.

Do testosterone shots work? 

Cold water and hormones. 

Knowledge Bomb:

All about raising your BDNF and thus brain health. 

- What is BDNF?

- How is it connected to dementia?

- How does exercise feed the brain?

- How does stress destroy the brain?

- Top 5 foods for brain health. 

- Top foods to avoid.

- What foods fo the gut and brain love most?

- Is fasting good for the brain?

- Do psychedelics help memory?

Guest Bio:

“My mission is to provide balanced solutions to help you thrive with as little medication as possible.” – Dr. Guy Citrin

Driven and warmhearted naturopathic doctor Guy Citrin, ND, dedicates his time and expertise to helping men and women improve their general health and quality of life at his private practice, Doctor Guy, in Mid-Wilshire, Los Angeles.

Dr. Guy combines innovative integrative modalities with functional, naturopathic, and conventional medicine for the best possible results. He has diverse experience, education, and training, and specializes in treating chronic disease, hormone imbalance, joint pain, gut health, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine.

Dr. Guy received his naturopathic medical degree from the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, Illinois. He was a resident at a renowned affiliate site through Bastyr University before relocating to Los Angeles.

Dr. Guy is a member of the Endocrinology Association of Naturopathic Physicians, the California Naturopathic Doctors Association, and a nationally recognized speaker on gut health for Microbiome Labs. 

He specializes in gut health, hormones, and regenerative medicine. However, he has a broad background and expertise in primary care and treats many conditions. He attempts to help the body heal naturally and therefore, take people off medication when it is safe to do so.  

Many patients visit Doctor Guy feeling overprescribed and underappreciated. For Dr. Guy, he doesn’t just want to make you feel better in the moment, but he wants you to feel better into the future. He believes that health truly is wealth, and he enjoys helping patients feel better and restoring richness and vitality on a deeper level.

Dr. Guy’s objective is to provide exceptional and personalized care that doesn’t just mask the symptoms but improves

With initial 90-minute consultations, Dr. Guy spends ample time with patients and leaves no stone unturned. New patients are welcome.

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How to Heal Bloating with Dr. Guy Citrin + How to Keep Your Brain Healthy | EP 185

How to Heal Bloating with Dr. Guy Citrin + How to Keep Your Brain Healthy | EP 185

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