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How to Meet Yourself with Dr. Nicole LePera

How to Meet Yourself with Dr. Nicole LePera

Update: 2022-12-094


Dr. Nicole LePera is an author and clinical psychologist in private practice.  She was trained in clinical psychology at Cornell University, The New School for Social Research, and the Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis. She i the author of the #1 New York Times Bestselling Book, How To Do The Work.

In this episode, Eric and Nicole discuss her latest book How to Meet Yourself:  The Workbook for Self-Discovery

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Dr. Nicole LePera and I Discuss How to Meet Yourself and…

  • Her book, How to Meet Yourself:  The Workbook for Self-Discovery

  • Her personal and professional journey of getting and helping others get “unstuck”

  • Understanding the power of our unconscious mind and our habitual nature

  • How logic will not override the comfort and familiarity of our habits

  • The critical step of setting an intention for a small manageable change

  • How we can move from self betrayal to self trust by starting small and being consistent

  • The importance of taking responsibility for yourself rather than blaming outside circumstances

  • The shared human experience of shame of not being good enough that we often carry

  • Becoming conscious of our habits and patterns

  • How we need to tune into the body to find our intuition to find clarity

  • Discovering our values and knowing what’s important to us

  • The integral part of safety in beginning your journey

  • Breathwork as a foundational practice to get to safety

  • Grounding in the present moment is about paying attention and honoring our reactions

  • The different ways of grounding ourselves such as being in nature, moving our body, or listening to music

  • The “Daily Consciousness Check-In” as a foundational practice to activate conscious awareness

  • Self witnessing is learning how to live in the active state of awareness

  • Cycles of emotional addiction is the repetitive emotional experiences we often have


Dr. Nicole’s Webiste: The Holistic Psychologist




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How to Meet Yourself with Dr. Nicole LePera

How to Meet Yourself with Dr. Nicole LePera