DiscoverAll the Hacks with Chris HutchinsIceland: Planning an Epic Adventure with Brandon Presser
Iceland: Planning an Epic Adventure with Brandon Presser

Iceland: Planning an Epic Adventure with Brandon Presser

Update: 2023-05-10


#115: Award-winning travel writer, Brandon Presser joins Chris to share the beauty and wonder of Iceland. They discuss everything you need to know to plan the ideal trip, including when to visit, suggested itineraries, cultural norms and social etiquette, top hot springs, waterfalls and hiking destinations, the perfect season to chase the Northern Lights and novelty Icelandic cuisine. Finally, Chris offers tips on how to maximize your points and miles to make your Iceland trip more affordable and enjoyable.

Brandon (@brandpress) is a well-traveled writer who has visited 130+ countries, immersing himself in different cultures and documenting his experiences. He contributes to some of the world's top travel publications and has published over 50 travel guides, including Iceland - Lonely Planet Country Guide, which he wrote after spending six months in the country.

Full show notes:

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Resources Mentioned

All the Hacks Trip Survey

Brandon Presser: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website 

Capital Region: Reykjavík | Kópavogur | Hafnarfjörur

Western Region: Borgarnes | Stykkishólmur

Westfjords Region (Brandon's Favorite): Ísafjörður   

Northern Region: Akureyri | Mývatn | Húsavík

Eastern Region:

Southern Region: Keflavík | Vík í Mýrdal | Skógar | Þórsmörk | Hvolsvöllur | Hella 

Icelandic Sweet Treats: Hraun | Licorice

Guides: Midgard Adventure

Northern Lights Information: Icelandic Meteorological Office 

Find Up-to-Date Restaurant Recommendations: The Reykjavik Grapevine 

Beyond Iceland:

Flight Distance Tool: Great Circle Mapper

Full Show Notes

(02:55 ) What Makes Iceland Special

(06:43 ) Planning a Perfect Trip to Iceland

(08:56 ) Four Days in Iceland

(10:32 ) When to Travel to Iceland

(13:33 ) Iceland's Culture and People

(16:47 ) Cultural Norms and Social Etiquette

(18:05 ) Iceland’s Must-See Destinations

(20:47 ) Exploring Different Regions in Iceland

(28:49 ) Hiring a Guide in Iceland

(34:41 ) Chasing Northern Lights

(36:57 ) Getting Around Iceland: Transportation

(39:00 ) Flying within Iceland

(40:56 ) Exploring Reykjavik

(45:37 ) What to Eat and Drink in Iceland

(47:00 ) Iceland's Hot Springs Culture

(51:23 ) More on Reykjavik

(52:18 ) Learning the Icelandic Language

(58:11 ) Hidden Gems in Iceland

(58:55 ) Iceland with Kids

(1:01:20 ) Destinations Similar to Iceland

(1:05:16 ) The Hidden World of Icelandic Elves

(1:06:32 ) All the Hacks Iceland Trip

(1:08:44 ) Miles & Points for Iceland

(1:16:23 ) Award Hotels in Iceland

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Iceland: Planning an Epic Adventure with Brandon Presser

Iceland: Planning an Epic Adventure with Brandon Presser

Chris Hutchins