DiscoverConcurrently: The News Coach PodcastImmigration, Title 42, and Exodus 23
Immigration, Title 42, and Exodus 23

Immigration, Title 42, and Exodus 23

Update: 2023-05-31


Title 42 has ended. U.S. asylum rules have changed. The issue of immigration once again takes center stage. How can parents and educators navigate this complex issue with their kids?


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Respond to our invitation for voice memos. Send a recording to with your thoughts on the following questions:

  • What can you affirm or challenge about the posture of the United States toward immigration?
  • How do people in your country, the country of your birth, or where you serve or have served, perceive the United States? What do they find attractive? What do they find puzzling or frustrating?
  • How is immigration handled in the cultural context of the country you have experienced outside of the United States?
  • How is U.S. immigration law and process viewed by the people of that country?


We would love to hear from you. You can send us a message at What current events or cultural issues are you wrestling through with your kids and teens? Let us know. We want to work through it with you.


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Immigration, Title 42, and Exodus 23

Immigration, Title 42, and Exodus 23

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