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Inside Look : The LTD Instructors

Inside Look : The LTD Instructors

Update: 2022-01-251


Steve Eckert and Ray “Cash” Care join together just 1 day after conducting a wildly successful LTD Program, where instead of 1 team with a team of employees, good friend Sharran Srivatsaa brought together around 30 CEO’s and Owners of varying businesses and industries. After such an event, they had to get together to talk about it! 


The LTD Program is more than just enhancing you and your teams efficiency, communication and profits. The LTD Program is here to teach you how to maximize your life around your business as well.

How does your business affect your family’s collection of experiences?

How does your attention to your fitness affect the business?

What does work-life balance look like? And how to dominate it and not just check boxes.


Tune into this episode and if you’re a business owner, with a team of 6 employees or more! Find out how The LTD Program can guide you to fulfillment, higher profits, and a family of employees not just a group of employees.

00:00 - Introduction

01:01 - LTD and the objective to help teams improve communication, problem solving and vision building

02:42 - What was a common string among the group of CEO’s and Leaders you experienced in the last LTD Program?

06:01 - What makes a great leader on the battlefield and what is key to transferring that to business?

12:02 - What's the difference in actions between an effective leader and a poor leader?

14:24 - How would a Navy SEAL make up a great team?

17:36 - How important clear vision is to a leader and team

21:10 - How does one address a team member no longer fitting into the mission?

27:43 - When's the right time to fire someone?

29:06 - What is the right type of culture in a company?

33:26 - Why you should live congruently as a leader

37:43 - Is the LTD Program like going through The Project?

38:46 - What does a 1-day or 2-day experience look like for an LTD Program?

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Inside Look : The LTD Instructors

Inside Look : The LTD Instructors

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