DiscoverHeal Thy Self with Dr. GIntermittent fasting for INSANE benefits with Cynthia Thurlow
Intermittent fasting for INSANE benefits with Cynthia Thurlow

Intermittent fasting for INSANE benefits with Cynthia Thurlow

Update: 2023-03-06


Special Guest Segment: Intermittent fasting expert Cynthia Thurlow joins the show to talk all about the bio-individuality of intermittent fasting.

  • What type of fasting is best for you and how do we find out?!

  • Is it better to skip breakfast or dinner?

  • Is snacking healthy?

  • How long before bed should we not eat?

  • How to tell which intermittent fast is good for us.

  • Should all women intermittent fast?

  • Who shouldn’t intermittent fast?

  • What does over fasting do?

  • What happens when we eat before bed?

  • What is the best snack to eat?

  • What are the benefits in the body when we intermittent fast?

  • Should we fast before a big presentation?

  • What happens to our gut with fasting?

  • Can someone with a history of eating disorder fast?

  • What’s the best food to break a fast?

  • What are the 3 most important nutrition/lifestyle interventions for women over 30?

  • Why protein macros are essential for health.

Cynthia Thurlow is a nurse practitioner, CEO and founder of the Everyday Wellness Project, and international speaker, with over 11 million views for her second TEDx talk (Intermittent Fasting: Transformational Technique). With over 20 years experience in health and wellness, Cynthia is a globally recognized expert in intermittent fasting and nutritional health, and has been featured on ABC, FOX5, KTLA, CW, Medium, Entrepreneur, and The Megyn Kelly Show.


Cynthia developed this Intermittent Fasting plan after entering her forties and experiencing a health breakdown. Intermittent fasting didn’t just help her lose weight; she had more energy, fewer cravings, and lower blood glucose levels. Thurlow has now worked with thousands of women in her private practice to make her unique program of intermittent fasting work for them, too.

With meal plans and 50 recipes, along with advice for supercharging your fast, this plan will transform your life, slow down the aging process, and help you reclaim your health and well-being.


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Intermittent fasting for INSANE benefits with Cynthia Thurlow

Intermittent fasting for INSANE benefits with Cynthia Thurlow

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