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Interrogation vs. Connection & Safety

Interrogation vs. Connection & Safety

Update: 2023-11-10


EP:63 I promise you I am not getting political.
My stance on what is going on in the world is that "a human is a human is a human '' and anytime there is loss of a human, it's devastating. With recent events, was I devastated to see what happened on October 7th? You bet. Does it hit home for me? Sure, I am a white Jewish female. But a human is a human is a human, and I need you to know that before I speak on anything I say today.

As someone who has a voice you are always going to say things wrong. No matter what you say, it is always the wrong thing. I was told I was a disgrace, uneducated, disappointing, unfollowed, ignorant for my stance. But I want to take this example of what happened to me to speak about what often happens to us in our daily lives.

It is important for you to understand that when having a conversation with someone you feel you are being heard, seen, your boundaries are being respected, and your position on a particular subject or matter, matters. It is also important for you to know, prior to any conversation, if that conversation will meet:
1. Conversation dialogue of safety
2. Connection

Everyone needs to feel a safe connection rather than feeling shut down and defensive.
You might be experiencing this right now and I'd like to help guide you and move you through how you can support yourself in moments where you don't feel seen, heard, shut down, defensive, etc.

Those hard conversations will lead to the most beautiful safety and to the most beautiful connection if you go into them with vulnerability, honesty, and chipping away at all the walls around you. And if you have fear going into those conversations, that means that you're doing something different than you've ever done in the past. And that fear can guide you into knowing you're actually making changes in your life and making changes in your brain patterning and you're growing as a human because you're saying no fear.

Join me on this week's episode of Thrive Like a Parent podcast to talk through how you can build safety within your brain.

Dr. B

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Interrogation vs. Connection & Safety

Interrogation vs. Connection & Safety

Dr. Brooke Weinstein