DiscoverFuture HindsightInvest in Young Voters: Victor Shi
Invest in Young Voters: Victor Shi

Invest in Young Voters: Victor Shi

Update: 2023-01-19


Thursday, January 19th, 2023


Victor Shi is a Gen Z activist, host of On the Move, co-host of iGen Politics, a junior at UCLA, and Strategy Director of Voters of Tomorrow. He was elected as the youngest delegate for Joe Biden in 2020 and previously interned at the White House and DNC. We discuss the power of the youth vote to determine elections and which issues motivate Gen Zers to go to the polls. 


Against the backdrop of voter suppression, especially in states like Texas, young voters struggle to understand that their voices really do matter. We need people to be engaged in keeping this democracy running. Because Gen Zers and Millennials are going to outnumber any other generation of Americans starting in 2024, it’s crucial to meet young people where they are. That includes text banking, social media, phone banking, and relational organizing. Voter registration drives should start in all high schools and early, in person voting should be widely encouraged. Sustaining change also comes through electing more young people to office. 


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Host: Mila Atmos 

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Invest in Young Voters: Victor Shi

Invest in Young Voters: Victor Shi

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