DiscoverPossibleKara Swisher on AI, media, and accountability
Kara Swisher on AI, media, and accountability

Kara Swisher on AI, media, and accountability

Update: 2024-05-152


What will the media landscape look like as tech companies, as opposed to traditional media, own increasingly more ink? And who better to offer an optimistic take on the news industry’s future than…Kara Swisher?! 

Reid and Aria speak with the famous—and famously direct—tech journalist, author, and podcast host about the roles and responsibilities of journalists covering rapidly developing innovations, along with those of the technologists driving advancements. They cover the OpenAI/New York Times lawsuit, disinformation, TikTok legislation, and AI’s potential to improve healthcare and climate outcomes. Plus, Kara makes the case that today’s content creators benefit from staying relatively small vs. striving for scale. 


3:30 - Hellos and intros

3:54 - Technology that makes Kara optimistic

6:40 - Technology to solve climate change

8:43 - Why health-tech and climate tech inspire optimism

10:09 - State of the media landscape

15:34 - Can smaller-scale media work?

16:56 - Pi weighs in on Patrick Soon-Shiong

19:33 - How will AI impact media misinformation

22:27 - Impact of AI in politics

27:52 - Kara’s latest book

30:36 - Is AI training “stealing”?

37:28 - TikTok ban

42:51 - A question for Reid: Is TikTok worth buying?

45:43 - How to shape capitalism

51:30 - Rapid-fire questions

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Select mentions:

Burn Book by Kara Swisher 

Platformer News founder Casey Newton 

Letters from an American by Heather Cox Richardson 

Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig

Strongmen: Mussolini to the Present by Ruth Ben-Ghiat

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Kara Swisher on AI, media, and accountability

Kara Swisher on AI, media, and accountability

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