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Life Updates + Living Outside the Box

Life Updates + Living Outside the Box

Update: 2023-05-30


As we wrap up Mindset May, I want to share more about my personal experiences changing my mindset and how that has shaped my life.

I typically avoid being too personal here on Balanced Black Girl, but in this episode I’m opening up about some of my past experiences and future plans. My mindset has played a part in all of those decisions, and it’s had a powerful impact on my life—both positive and negative.

I also share what you can expect from the podcast this Summer (hint: it’s going to be very fun and cute), let you in on the theme for the month of June, and tell you about some exciting upcoming changes.

I also talk about…

  • Learning to not letting fear rob me of experiences

  • The things that most impacted my mindset and helped me expand

  • How our 20s aren’t the only time in our life to try new things and explore

  • Giving ourselves permission to like the things we like

  • Why I don’t talk much about relationships on this podcast

  • Leaning into the flexibility and support that I have in this season of life



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Life Updates + Living Outside the Box

Life Updates + Living Outside the Box