DiscoverThe $100 MBA ShowMBA2259 How to Simplify Your Growth to One Number
MBA2259 How to Simplify Your Growth to One Number

MBA2259 How to Simplify Your Growth to One Number

Update: 2023-03-07


Goals are hard. A goal, however, is more attainable. So how can you narrow your focus to something big and all-encompassing that’ll have the greatest impact on your business? And should you?

It all comes down to a single number.

There’s no shortage of business metrics you can track (and no shortage of products and services designed to help you track them). If you’re not careful, you can get lost in a sea of analytics — without actually accomplishing anything meaningful.

That’s why it’s critical to pick one, just one, metric that makes the biggest difference.

So which number are we talking about? Well, that’s the tricky part. Today, we share examples of the single-number strategy, including from our own business. Once you hear a few real-life cases, you’ll have a better idea of what number you should put your chips on. 

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MBA2259 How to Simplify Your Growth to One Number

MBA2259 How to Simplify Your Growth to One Number

Nicole Baldinu