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Making Every Monday Matter with Matthew Emerzian

Making Every Monday Matter with Matthew Emerzian

Update: 2023-10-01


Key Takeaways

  • The "Mattering Mindset" encourages finding fulfillment in serving ourselves, others, and our communities.
  • Self-care is essential, even for those in service industries.
  • Leaders can inspire a sense of mattering in their teams by understanding and fulfilling their employees' needs.
  • Action is everything.
  • Mondays are opportunities for fresh starts - wasting them means wasting valuable time.

In This Episode:

  • [02:20 ] The founding of Every Monday Matters
  • [05:48 ] How to make Mondays more positive and enjoyable for people who currently dislike them
  • [07:06 ] Taking action to live a life that's not about oneself
  • [09:19 ] Matthew’s inspiring actions and examples of meaningful actions taken by others.
  • [10:32 ] The importance of balance and self-care
  • [11:26 ] Taking action and finding actions in each area
  • [17:24 ] How to inspire a feeling of mattering in others
  • [20:08 ] Actions and tactics to make people feel like they matter
  • [22:14 ] Matthew’s excitement for the future and Every Monday Matters mission
  • [29:30 ] Creating a positive mindset for Mondays
  • [29:54 ] The importance of Mondays
  • [30:56 ] The opportunity for a fresh start
  • [31:05 ] Embracing imperfect Mondays

Notable Quotes

  • [04:15 ] “We hate Mondays so much in our culture that it ruins the second half of your Sunday.” - Matthew
  • [06:34 ] “You're never going to feel better until you know what it is to live a life that's not about you.” - Matthew
  • [08:04 ] “Action is everything, that we can't just talk about it, we can't just think about it, we can't just dream about it, we have to pick one action." - Matthew
  • [11:43 ] “You often say you must learn to love yourself before you can love somebody else. I actually believe that through loving other people, we can also learn to love ourselves.” - Matthew
  • [18:24 ]  “I believe that mattering is at the intersection of human and business needs.” - Matthew

Our Guest

Matthew Emerzian is the visionary Founder and CEO of Every Monday Matters (EMM), a pioneering non-profit organization with a mission to empower individuals to recognize their intrinsic worth. Under his leadership, EMM has impacted over 3 million students and 15,000 educators nationwide through its free K-12 Social and Emotional Learning curriculum. Matthew's expertise extends to cultivating purpose-driven corporate cultures and driving employee engagement through the EMM Corporate Program. Additionally, he is spearheading Phase 2 of the EMM Senior Living program to ensure seniors feel valued in their later years. A prolific author and captivating keynote speaker, Matthew has shared his inspirational message with diverse audiences worldwide.

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Making Every Monday Matter with Matthew Emerzian

Making Every Monday Matter with Matthew Emerzian

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