DiscoverThe Excellence Project with Eric WorreMastering Social Media and Personal Branding with Dan Fleyshman
Mastering Social Media and Personal Branding with Dan Fleyshman

Mastering Social Media and Personal Branding with Dan Fleyshman

Update: 2023-07-17


In this episode, we welcome Dan Fleyshman, the host of the popular podcast "Money Mondays." Join us as Dan shares expert strategies for thriving in today's digital world. You'll gain invaluable insights on standing out, creating valuable content, and building genuine connections with your audience. Drawing from his experience, Dan reveals the perfect content length for each platform, ensuring you capture attention and maintain engagement. We'll also delve into the do's and don'ts of social media branding, highlighting examples from top brands like Nike and Tesla. Dan will inspire you with stories of successful influencers who transformed their passions into profitable ventures, while sharing the potential earnings from sponsored posts. You'll even get a glimpse into the extraordinary journeys of super influencers like Mr. Beast and Logan Paul. Get ready for an episode packed with tactical growth strategies and personal branding tips with Dan Fleyshman.


Dan Fleyshman is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, and angel investor. He gained widespread recognition as the youngest founder of a publicly traded company at the age of 23. Dan is known for his expertise in brand building, marketing, and business development. He has founded multiple companies, including Victory Poker, which became one of the top online poker brands. 

In addition to his entrepreneurial ventures, Dan is also involved in philanthropy and has set a goal to positively impact the lives of 1 billion people. He is a sought-after speaker and mentor, sharing his knowledge and experiences to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.


  • Dan emphasizes the importance of real-life moments and emotional connections with your audience.

  • Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Snapchat can amplify your brand message.

  • Secrets behind successful content creation: teach, entertain, and provide value.

  • Audience-centered content is key when building a brand.

  • Adapting content to different platforms maximizes engagement and reach.

  • Clear calls to action guide viewers and deepen brand connection.

  • Emotional relevance and consistency are crucial on social media.

  • Masterminds accelerate growth and create valuable connections.

  • Dan discusses influential mastermind groups, technical knowledge, and the role of a CEO.

  • Passion for angel investing, philanthropy, and businesses like Elevator Syndicate and Elevator Rolling Fund.

  • Dan's wild jungle ranch, philanthropy, and managing multiple projects.

  • Network Marketing and social media's role in building trust.

  • Poker's parallels to decision-making and human behavior in business.



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  • 00:00 - Being in a room with influencers

  • 00:12 - Introduction to Dan Fleyshman

  • 01:53 - Everyone is a personal brand, whether they like it or not

  • 03:51 - How to use social media for free

  • 05:18 - Affiliate deals for Postmates, DraftKings and Lyft

  • 06:47 - How does social media influencer marketing work? 

  • 08:14 - The story about Dwayne Johnson

  • 09:21 - Biggest success stories in the sports industry

  • 10:52 - Getting famous is worth it to get famous

  • 11:52 : - The importance of sharing your passion

  • 13:48 - Showing the reality of life vs showing a selfie

  • 14:41 - Show them something interesting!

  • 15:34 - How Eric got started in Network Marketing

  • 17:27 - The first mistake Eric made

  • 19:25 - How to build a brand

  • 21:42 - Building emotional attachment and top-of-mind awareness

  • 22:52 - People buy from people they trust!

  • 23:55 - How the personal brand affects the business

  • 25:09 - Iconic global people and single moms

  • 26:18 - What platform should your content be on?

  • 29:25 - How important is Twitter to the future?

  • 31:42 - Being on all major social media platforms

  • 33:28 - Your profile should look the same on all platforms

  • 34:33 - How different outfits impact engagement

  • 36:30 - Podcasts are the most interesting platform

  • 37:30 - How podcasts convert for niche and mass audiences

  • 40:06 - Every deal leads to a deal

  • 42:24 - Think about the call to action

  • 44:10 - How to make 100 videos from 100 things

  • 46:14 - How long-form videos should be on social media

  • 49:23 - The biggest mistakes people make when trying to build their brands

  • 51:40 - Polarizing content on social media

  • 53:41 - Why polarizing content can be dangerous

  • 54:36 - Keep in mind the people who agree with you

  • 55:31 - Polarizing content is a war

  • 57:32 - The pros and cons of social media

  • 58:10 - The problem with profanity and cursing

  • 1:03:58 - Posting once a day to keep top-of-mind awareness

  • 1:06:38 - How to get consistency on social media

  • 1:07:53 - Building an email list

  • 1:09:49 - Nike is the brand that transcended time

  • 1:11:10 - First form is a cultural brand

  • 1:13:13 - How much can an influencer make for posting for brands? 

  • 1:15:21 - The size of an influencer depends on the niche

  • 1:17:26 - How to determine how much

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Mastering Social Media and Personal Branding with Dan Fleyshman

Mastering Social Media and Personal Branding with Dan Fleyshman

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